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Click here to listen to the message Gregg gave the Mercy Street community on May 2, 2015.

If you were at Mercy Street on 5/2/15 or tuned in online, you are already aware of what I want to share with you here. After seven years as pastor of Mercy Street and being just one of many parts of this beautiful community, I will be transitioning from pastor of Mercy Street to work with Houston reVision. I will be with Mercy Street through June. Officially, I will begin with reVision on July 1. You may be aware, reVision's mission is to leverage the power of community to connect kids on the edge with mentors, positive peers and life-changing resources, all toward helping folks revise the narrative of their lives toward a more hopeful future. There are a number of things I'll be doing with reVision, but in a nutshell, I'll take on the role of pastor to help cultivate and develop this community.

This decision hasn't come without a lot of reflection and prayer, and even sadness about leaving Mercy Street. And with all that, I am excited about this new chapter, a new chapter that this wonderful community as played a huge role in preparing me for.

I am grateful beyond words to you for allowing me to be with you these last seven years. God's presence through this community has given me and my family experiences and encounters with mercy and grace that will shape us the rest of our lives. Your life has spoken life into me as we've lived this life together.

I love you.


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