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Hometown: Born in Los Angeles, my family is in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Houston is now my hometown.

Family: My wife, Amy, is my best friend and more than I deserve. My kids Cody, Cameron, Campbell, and Mallory are awesome kids who teach me how to be fully human.

My favorite coffee drink: Really just about anything with a friend, but I do enjoy a double espresso latte. If it's been a long night, I'll go for triple.

My favorite place on the earth:
I love the deep, clear, blue waters of the Caribbean.

Three Movies I would watch on Repeat:
Pretty much anything that's not a chic-flick. Those I'll watch only once with my wife (maybe).

My role at Mercy Street:
Mercy Street Pastor and occasional janitor, working with a great staff in a wonderful community.

What makes me laugh:
The unexpected

My favorite television show: Lost

Three Favorite Albums:
Boston-Boston, U2-18, Rascal Flatts-Me and My Gang

Best part about your role: I get to partner in mission with some incredible people.

If I was an animal, I would be:
I like monkeys.

Three foods I could eat everyday:
Assuming I could without any gastro-intestinal complications, pizza, a tender filet, and chocolate.

Three books I recommend:
It depends on where you are, what you're longing for, and how much want to stretch.

Websites I visit daily:
Google, and whatever journey it takes me on.

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